Facility management

At all times present or available

How many resources do maintenance services for property, people, and facilities absorb?

Maintenance services are a core of expenses, not of profit: it is better to have them taken care of by a reliable partner; it is better to concentrate energy and resources on core business.

COSEVA SOCIETA’ COOPERATIVA also operates in Facility Management: a new way of managing property with overall services.

Facility Management rationalises a service and efficiently manages all general services for property, facilities, and people.

On average over the last few years the amount of clients to whom we have been offering INTEGRATED SERVICES (more services for one customer, within various contracts) is at around 60%. The amount of clients to whom we offer MULTISERVICES (more services for a single client, within one contract) is at around 30%.

Facility Management is not a trend.

Integrated services as an added value
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